The Aviation Industry

The aviation industry in India is one of those sectors that saw a constant pace of growth among the other industries in the world over the past many years. The open sky policy of the government has helped a lot of overseas players entering the aviation market in India. From then, it has only been growing in terms of players and the number of aircrafts. At present, private airlines account for around 75% portion of the domestic aviation market.

It is being estimated that by the year 2020, the aviation sector will generate employment opportunities for 2 to 3 million aviation professionals. Experts in this sector are of the opinion that every year, demand for pilots will escalate by 35%. It is also being anticipated that this sector in the country will attract approximately USD$120 billion as investment from different quarters.

There is ample opportunity for growth in this sector as by 2020; as many as 15,000 additional pilots will be required.

  • Nature of work is different for different types of workers in the aviation industry. Whereas being a pilot or an air hostess is most advertised, there are other equally lucrative options in the aviation industry.
  • The nature of the work, entails in several posts like those of pilot, air hospitality attendants like air hostesses and flight stewards, cabin crew, travelling all over the world.

The remuneration for those in the aviation industry is extremely high. This is primarily because careers in the aviation industry require a lot of special skills. All technical jobs are highly specialised. Pilots, too, are one of the highest earners in the country with senior pilots being paid approximately 4.5 lakh rupees to 5 lakh rupees per month. Non technical jobs such as those of air hostesses are well paid too. Even fresh starters get paid approximately Rs 16,000 per month.

An added benefit of being in the aviation industry especially for pilots, cabin crew, air hospitality attendants like flight stewards and air hostesses, is the chance to visit places all over the world as part of the work requirements. This is an attractive feature of careers in the aviation industry.

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