Telecommunications industry deals with the activities and services of electronic systems for transmitting messages through cables, telephone, radio or television.

Two major factors responsible for the growth of telecommunications industry are use of modern technology and market competition. One of the products of modern technologies is optical fibers, which are being used as a medium of data transmission instead of using coaxial or twisted pair cables

The introduction of these advanced technologies makes the telecommunications industry a competitive one, where a number of multinational companies have shown their interest to invest in this industry and consequently the prices are reduced, the quality is also improved. During the period of 1990, the telecommunication industry showed a speedy growth in terms of investment and eventually increased the competition. The competition between the companies led to the decline of revenues.

Telecommunication industry has created immense employment opportunities. Most of the employees in this industry are engaged in large establishments, although there are some small establishments, where a large number of small contractors are involved. Fifty five percent of all workers are engaged in office and administrative support occupations. The other occupations of this industry relate to installation, maintenance, and repair .

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